National CPD Programme

For September – December 2020, the NEU National CPD programme will remain as a mix of online courses and webinars. Our Webinar Wednesday series will focus each week on a topic relevant to the theme of re-establishing routines and relationships. We work with leading organisations, charities and tutors who are experts in their field to ensure high quality, up-to-date and relevant CPD for our members.

Webinars and online courses will be released per half term. For September to October, webinars will cover:

Booking your course

Courses can be booked via the NEU website.


Regional Reps Training

Please find our training dates for the Autumn term. Due to the current situation all our courses have been moved online and courses have been divided into modules. Contact Kirtima Chady to book. 

Pay Bargaining- The course is conducted in 2 sessions

Cohort 1 (Thurs)

1st Session 24th September- Time: 1300-1500

2nd Session 1st October – Time: 1300-1500


Cohort 2 (Tues)

1st Session 13th October- Time 1000-1200

2nd Session 20th October- Time 1000-1200


Online Reps  Foundation Training – There are 6 modules for this course and two different cohorts.

Online reps Training Group 1 (Every 2 weeks 10am-12pm) Group 2 (Every week 1300 – 1500)
What is your Role? 30th Sep 3rd Nov
What Challenges are members facing? 14th Oct 10th Nov
How do we challenge Discrimination? 28th Oct 17th Nov
How do we Represent members? 11th Nov 24th Nov
How do we Organise members? 25th Nov 1st Dec
How do we Win in the workplace? 9th Dec 8th Dec