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Pay Down, Workload Up: TUC demonstration, pay campaign and indicative ballot preparation

We recognise that Pay Down, Workload Up represents a perfect storm for our members. With inflation higher than it has been for a generation, the cost-of-living crisis looms large in the lives of many members. Workload continues to spiral, driving thousands from the profession, with Ofsted’s accountability regime often at the root of the problem.

During the summer term we will be taking our demands for fully-funded pay rises and the abolition of Ofsted to the TUC national demonstration in London on Saturday 18 June. We are also intensifying our efforts to support reps to address in-school workload by negotiating a Directed Time calendar. And we must make union-wide preparations for the Autumn indicative ballot on pay agreed by annual conference last month.

Replace Ofsted

More than 34,000 members, parents and pupils have signed the NEU’s petition calling for Ofsted to be replaced with a new system that is supportive, effective and fair. Ask your members to sign and share the petition with 5 friends or colleagues this weekend. They can find out more about the campaign, as well as download activist resources, at

Value Educators – Join us Saturday 18 June

Sign up to march with us in London to demand better funding, workload, and pay on 18 June.

We used our oral evidence session to the School Teachers’ Review Body (STRB) last week to highlight the depth of your anger at the prospect of more pay cuts and of another differentiated pay increase with lower increases for experienced teachers. We called for:

  • An end to pay cuts
  • Abolition of performance related pay
  • Effective action to cut workload
  • Fair national pay structure to tackle pay inequalities and support pay progression.
  • Fully funded pay rises.

Inflation is at a record breaking high, and that is why our campaign to protect the pay of educators and build our campaign to Value Education, Value Educators is so important.

Our next step in the campaign is the TUC’s national demonstration to demand better on 18 June. We need tens of thousands of members to march to demand better for pupils, better pay, better workload and better funding for education.

We need you and every single NEU member you know to sign up for 18 June here

Primary Assessment Commission

The Independent Commission on Assessment in Primary Education (ICAPE) is meeting now to propose alternatives to the present system of tests in England. Please follow ICAPE on Facebook and Twitter and encourage primary educators in your area to do so too. The commission – which NEU is part of – wants to hear the views of parents and primary educators. Please encourage your networks to visit the website and fill in the short survey – people can complete both if they are an educator and a parent.


Virtual Group for Primary Educators

The NEU has launched a virtual network for educators to discuss their views on the English primary assessment system and alternatives to the current high-stakes regime. Please encourage colleagues in your area to sign up now for the group, hosted on the Guild platform. The national group is designed to complement the regional Primary Assessment Networks, which the union is establishing around the country. For more information about the networks please email

Secondary Assessment

As exams season kicks off, more and more groups are highlighting the need for changes to the secondary assessment and qualifications system. Now, parents and educators can join a webinar looking at the case for change. Prof Louise Hayward – who chaired the New Era Independent Assessment Commission looking at the future of 14-19 qualifications which was established by NEU – will join the charity Parentkind for a discussion. Register for the call, at 12 noon on Monday 16 May via Zoom