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Cancel SATs, the phonics check and all formal government tests in primary schools in 2020 and 2021​


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Fairness for students taking A-levels and GCSEs in 2021


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NEU Derbyshire Postcard Challenge


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Fair Grade 2021


After the fiasco of the 2020 exam results, Government must make sure GCSE and A-level students in 2021 are rewarded for their achievements and none are disadvantaged by the coronavirus pandemic.

Fairness for students taking A-levels and GCSEs in 2021.The disastrous handling of this year’s exam results must never happen again. #FairGrade2021

Coronavirus: Baseline assessment delay


The National Education Union welcomes the decision not to implement reception baseline assessment in September.

Coronavirus: National Education Recovery Plan


The National Education Union has written to the Prime Minister outlining its proposals for a National Education Recovery Plan.

Planning guide for primary schools


This joint commentary and checklist follows the structure of the DfE Planning Guide and will assist reps in challenging what is being unrealistically expected of school leaders. The guide sets out that school leaders should work closely with unions, staff and parents when developing their plans.


Coronavirus, pupils and schools: unanswered questions


The Government must answer our questions; they are reasonable and sensible and are asked in good faith on behalf of educators, our pupils and their families.

Pay Survey Results 2020


Teacher pay survey shows that 63% of teachers have considered leaving the profession due to pay concerns.

Research into the 2019 Reception Baseline Pilot


NEU-commissioned research released this week found teachers are opposed to the Reception Baseline Assessment, branding it unreliable, unfair and damaging to children.

Save Maintained Nursery Schools!


There are 392 nursery schools in England. As a result of chronic underfunding, many have been forced to close in recent years.

Unless the Government changes course, even more nursery schools will face threat of closure. They have accepted that nursery school funding is insufficient and as a stopgap measure, allocated some money to plug the holes – but only till 2021.

The Government must make a funding commitment in the Budget on 11 March that secures the long-term future of maintained nursery schools.

Nursery schools face losing one third of their budget on average when the stopgap funding ends. This means severe cuts to the education and services they provide. In many cases, these cuts will simply put nursery schools at risk of closure.

Nursery schools educate around 40,000 children. The majority are located in the poorest parts of the country and, for many families, they are the only opportunity for early education. Up to 40,000 children could lose out completely on early education.

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AGENDA is an online resource for educators who want to empower children (age 7-18) to make positive relationships matter in their schools and communities. It has equality, inclusivity, children’s rights and social justice at its heart and offers creative ways of how practitioners can support children to explore and express what matters to them. It can be used to develop inclusive, relevant and rights-respecting relationships and sexuality education.

NEU LGBT+ conference report 2019

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Report from Support Staff Conference 2019

Disabled conference report September 2019